Save Forests

Saving tropical forests and preventing illegal logging and the poaching of wildlife requires a constant presence in the field. Developing alternative economic models around protected areas takes time and a lot of effort.
In the end, everything we accomplish is thanks to a highly motivated and extremely dedicated staff. It is their passion, but it is also their livelihood.

Effective conservation comes with a price: saving and protecting the last seasonal forests of Belize costs USD 320’000 per year. If you also deem it essential that every dollar be invested in the field to protect plants and animals, please support this project ! We are very proud to guarantee that every individual donation is fully and carefully invested in our protected areas, where it is urgently needed.

Supporting this important project is easy: you can either become a friend of Shipstern, or adopt a hectare of forest or a Belizean animal. The adoption comes with a nice certificate, and, twice a year, we shall send you our newsletter “Shipstern News”, with the latest from the field.